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Zomeworks UTRF168


Universal Track Rack™ Passive Solar Tracker for Photovoltaic Modules

Incorporating over two decades of experience with tracker design and more than three decades of innovation of new products, Zomeworks has introduced the F-Series Track Rack™ Passive Solar Tracker to our line of UTR Universal Trackers. This tracker is our most popular design. It features an integral early morning rapid return system, is shipped partially assembled, is easy to install, and is module specific.

Simplicity and Elegance
The sun’s heat moves liquid from side to side, allowing gravity to turn the Track Rack™ and follow the sun – no motors, no gears and no controls to fail.

Six standard UTR and UTR-F Track Racks™ fit all common photovoltaic modules.  The UTR020, UTRK040 and the UTRF064, -090, -120 and -168 are named for the number of square feet of module area they will hold.  To determine which size tracker you will need for your modules, click on “PV Trackers – Specs & Prices”.

Easy to Transport
The Universal Track Rack™ is “knocked down” and packaged in one to four (depending on the size of the rack) easy-to-handle boxes that fit conveniently into a pickup truck.

PDF ZomeWorks Track Rack Brochure