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DC Maximizers

Tigo Energy’s technology delivers more energy, active management, and more reliability for utility, commercial, and residential solar installations. This results in a faster return on investment and lower cost of ownership. Tigo Energy’s revolutionary solution addresses a number of issues that limit the efficiency, availability and flexibility of today’s solar installations.

Tigo Energy Maximizers

More Energy 

Today’s best installations are designed to maximize power output across the entire system. An array, however, is limited by the weakest panel in a string and individual panel performance can vary dramatically. Even a system architected to avoid shade can be affected by dust & debris, temperature and degradation over time. These environmental issues can create as much as a 15% mismatch between the best and worst performing panels in a typical string 

Tigo Energy has introduced the Tigo Energy®Maximizer™ System which maximizes the output of each panel, harvesting power that is simply wasted today. Rather than employing micro-inverter or DC/DC voltage conversion, Tigo Energy uses a unique and patented method of “Impedance Matching” to achieve unprecedented efficiencies and accuracy in power control.


PDF Read More About Impedence Matching


The Tigo Energy solution places very simple electronics at the panel (the Tigo Energy® Module Maximizer™) along with a highly-intelligent Tigo Energy® Maximizer Management Unit™ (MMU) to distribute the MPPT function. The Tigo Energy Module Maximizer contains analog sensing, communications and impedance matching power circuitry. The MMU communicates with each Module Maximizer (either via power-line or wireless), computes the maximum operating point of each module, and provides an internet gateway to transmit performance data to the Tigo Energy analysis engine. The solution uses a combination of real-time module and string-level information to accurately compute the optimal operating state of each module. It readjusts the module by a patented process of impedance matching. The Tigo Energy solution is able to quickly and dynamically find the maximum operating state for each panel and maintain system stability during cloud cover or shading. Depending on the choice of Tigo Energy Module Maximizer, the system can be configured in either a series or parallel configuration.

Active Management 

Tigo Energy gives the system owner unprecedented access to panel-level monitoring and advanced system analytics. The Tigo Energy® MaxiManager Software™ allows user-configurable interfaces that enable views of power output in nearly real time, while providing a historic view of energy generation. The information can be accessed from any internet connected device. Tigo Energy’s advanced analysis engine is continuously comparing actual output to expected performance. When output of the system (or even a single PV module) suddenly or gradually falls outside of the expected range, an alert is generated. This allows the system owner or operator to manage the project so that problems can be quickly identified and PV maintenance can be scheduled based on optimal economics.

More Reliability 

Tigo Energy has ensured that reliability is a natural part of the solution. At the heart of this unique architecture is the very low part-count Tigo Energy Module Maximizer. By deploying very few, inherently reliable components near each PV module, Tigo Energy is able to match the reliability standards of today’s best solar panels. Because the Tigo Energy Module Maximizer is greater than 99% efficient, very little heat is generated reducing the physical impact of thermal stress. The Module Maximizer is available today in a compact plastic box that adheres to the most rigid safety and performance standards. The Tigo Energy solution will soon be available in module integrated j-box designs.

Enhanced Safety 

A Tigo Energy Maximizer System includes unique safety features which detect and prevent arcing; and enable remote or on-site deactivation of the array. By designing the Tigo Energy Module Maximizers into a PV project, the system owner or emergency services personnel can eliminate voltage on the string cabling, limiting exposure to the open circuit voltage (Voc) of a single panel.


Monitoring Software

Click Here to visit Tigo Energy’s website and test their monitoring software.


Data Sheets

PDF Tigo Energy Maximizer (MM-ES) Data Sheet

PDF Tigo Energy Maximizer (MM-2ES) Data Sheet

PDF Tigo Energy Maximizer Management Unit Data Sheet