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  • Allied Moulded
    A complete line of corrosion and UV resistant NEMA Type 4X nonmetallic (fiberglass) enclosures for indoor or outdoor industrial applications.  

  • Aluminum Pole Mount Enclosures
    NEMA 3R aluminum enclosures for pole mount, industrial applications. Many options available from powder coating to custom knock-out sizes and locations.

  • Direct Power
    Heavy duty hardware for dealers, integrators and installers who require the best possible for their customers, including standard and custom battery enclosures.

  • SunMate Battery Boxes
    PV equipped, durable battery boxes that convert the sun’s energy into DC electricity. The electricity is then directed to the battery to offset self-discharge. Use these battery boxes to extend the life of your batteries.

  • Todd USA
    Molded of durable polyethylene, Todd’s marine battery boxes maintain their tough impact properties down to -40°. Feature seamless, heavy wall construction, superior chemical resistance eliminating concerns of electrolyte spills or contact with grease/oil and full flow ventilation to ensure adequate cooling to enhance the longevity of the battery. 

  • Vynckier
    The VJ series enclosures are designed for use as electrical junction boxes or instrumentation enclosures in highly corrosive environments including oil refineries, chemical processing plants, waste water treatment facilities, marine installations, electroplating plants, agricultural environments and food or animal processing plants. VJ enclosures are also suitable as instrument housings in both indoor and outdoor applications.