November 2012 Newsletter

Power Up Photo Contest

We’re running our 3rd photo contest through out the month of November. Submissions will be accepted up to Thanksgiving and the winner will be announced in December’s newsletter.

We are looking for brochure quality pictures of industrial applications utilizing solar products purchased from Power Up. From the submission, we will choose 3 winners. All photos submitted may be used in print even if not selected as a winner.

Click here to go our website and submit your photos.

First place winner will receive a $200 Visa Gift card!
Second place winner will receive a $100 Visa Gift card.
Third place winner will receive a $50 Visa Gift card.

News from Power Up:

Power Up Adds to it’s Popular Off-Grid Module Line:

Now in stock are our BSP50-12, BSP80-12 and BSP120-12. These modules feature the same industrial grade consrtuction and performance that you’re used to from our BSP line. In addition to these 12V modules, we’ve also added a 185 watt, 24V battery charging module. The BSP185-24 can serve as a great alternative to using two 12V modules for 24V battery charging.

Specs for these solar modules can be found on our website and at the links below:

PDF Icon BSP50-12 Data Sheet PDF Icon BSP120-12 Data Sheet
PDF Icon BSP80-12 Data Sheet PDF Icon BSP185-24 Data Sheet

Industry News:

California Public Utilities Commission Votes to Approve PPAs

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) voted unanimously on October 25 to approve revised power purchase agreements (PPAs) between BrightSource Energy (BSE) and Southern California Edison (SCE) (NYSE:EIX) for electricity generated by one 250-megawatt unit of BSE’s proposed 500-megawatt Rio Mesa solar power tower project and one 250-megawatt unit of its proposed Sonoran West tower project. The CPUC also rejected three proposed BSE-SCE PPAs.

The rate designated by the renegotiated PPAs for purchase of the power is confidential. "Edison negotiated hard on behalf of their customers," BSE Government Affairs VP Joe Desmond said, “and got a significant increase in value and decrease in cost.”

The CPUC-approved PPAs lock in an estimated annual generation of 573 gigawatt-hours from each facility “for a term of twenty years with the option for SCE to extend the term to 25 years.” According to BSE, design specifications call for Rio Mesa to produce at least 573 gigawatt-hours per year and for Sonoran West, with storage, to produce at least 733 gigawatt-hours per year.

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Featured Products:
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Hurricane Sandy

As we’re sure many of you know, Hurricane Sandy is creating severe weather conditions along the east coast. Our main office in Maryland is directly affected by these conditions and it is very likely that we will experience power and phone outages. Forecasts are predicting the worst conditions Monday afternoon through Tuesday evening.

In the event of an outage, phones will be forwarded to our Tyler, TX location.

Please be aware that shipments could also be delayed due to the weather.

We appreciate your patience as we work through these conditions.

UPDATE 1 – 11:13AM EST, 10/29 - UPS has suspended service in our area. There will be no shipments leaving our Maryland facility today.

UPDATE 2 – 11:30AM EST, 10/29 - Our Maryland facility will be shutting down at 1:00PM EST.

September 2012 Newsletter

News from Power Up:

Power Up’s Railroad Signaling Installations

Power Up RailRoad Install

Power Up RailRoad Install

Power Up has recently completed the installation of two railroad signaling sites as part of a joint effort with CMT and Excel Rail Technologies. Both units utilized 24 Solarworld 240W solar panels and Array Technologies dual axis trackers. Power from the unit will be used for track signaling, monitoring and communications. For more information regarding this system or to get a commercial installation quote, please contact

US Department of Commerce Issues Solar Import Tarriff

As many of you already know, the U.S. Commerce Department has imposed an import tariff on solar panels that include solar cells that are made in China. This tariff does not affect any of the products you currently purchase from Power Up. For those of you who purchase our industrial Power Up line of solar panels, these units are tariff exempt because the cells that we use DO NOT come from China. Many manufacturers have claimed this for years but now that the tariff is in place, the documentation process required to prove your exemption is very detailed and thorough.

Please beware that the tariff is imposed on the importer of record and can go back and apply to shipments you have already received. With that being said, customers who buy solar panels direct from overseas vendors and the balance of their equipment from Power Up may be subject to hefty tariff fees once U.S. Customs completes their backlog. Please check with your manufacturing partner and see if you qualify for an exemption or call your Power Up salesperson to discuss shifting your business to an exempt product to reduce your companies risk and responsibilities.

For additional information on the tariff, you can visit

Featured Products: Below are products that we’re offering as this month’s e-mail special. For pricing contact your sales rep.

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August 2012 Newsletter

News from Power Up:Summer is winding down but things at Power Up certainly aren’t. We’re still in the process of having our BSP line of solar modules tested for UL and FM certifications. Also, we’ll be announcing some new product offerings in the coming months that are sure to satisfy the needs of both our off-grid and grid-tied installer customers alike.

We would especially like to point out that our BSP line of solar modules WILL NOT be affected by the antidumping trade tariiff. Dealers, OEMs and system integrators can rest assured that the BSP product line will be available as always.

Lastly, we recently published a new brochure for our SunPak turn-key solar kits. If you haven’t had a chance to check that out, you can download it here.

Featured Products: Below are products that we’re offering as this month’s e-mail special. For pricing contact your sales rep.

BSP40-12 Solar Module Special

SolarWorld 240 - SW240 Poly 2.0 Special

Power Up Skid Mount System Promo

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DC Maximizers Come to Power Up

Power Up is happy to announce that we are a Tigo Energy Distributor. You can find detailed information about Tigo’s DC Maximizers on the Tigo Energy page under Products > Inverters. Don’t let that mislead you though. Tigo Energy DC Maximizers are not micro inverters. They are something very different that offers many of the benefits that you find with micro inverters but with addtional benefits that are unique to them.

For comprehensive information on Tigo’s DC maximizers, you can visit our Document Downloads page or use the download links below. You can also preview a live example of Tigo’s monitoring software through their website here.

PDF Tigo Energy Fact Sheet

PDF Tigo Energy Literature Kit