Solar Modules

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  • Power Up (BSP) Solar Module
    Our own line of rugged industrial solar modules. Ranging from 1 to 120 watts they are prefect for many applications including small remote applications. Our panels are used world wide in a number of different rigorous conditons. Our modules are both reliable and economically sound.

  • Alps Technology
    A complete range of modules from 70 to 230 W made of glass/Tedlar, guaranteed for 20 years and which meet the most demanding international standards in terms of quality.

  • BP Solar
    BP Solar products are designed and constructed to provide first class performance and reliability. Their world-class engineers are constantly improving their products to better meet your needs and to ensure product performance and safety through rigorous internal tests and international certifications. 

  • Custom Modules
    For OEMs and more specific needs, Power Up can have a solar module made custom to your specifications.

  • ecoSolargy
    ecoSolargy manufactures the largest variety of high quality solar modules. Through research and developement they design and build modules from only the best components that incorporate tomorrows technology. From thin film, mono crystalline, and poly crystalline, our various module lines are suitable for solar projects of all scales.

  • Global Solar
    Based on advanced NASA & Department of Energy Technologies, Global Solar’s products are lightweight, portable, & rugged enabling new & innovative commercial, consumer, military, & industrial applications.

  • Sharp
    Sharp’s photovoltaic modules offer industry-leading performance, durability, and reliability for a variety of electrical power requirements. Using breakthrough technology perfected by Sharp’s nearly 45 years of research and development, these modules use a textured cell surface to reduce reflection of sunlight, and Black Surface Field (BSF) structure to improve conversion efficiency.

  • SolarWorld
    Solar World has a wide range of photovoltaic modules that can be used across a variety of applications- grid-connected, industrial and rural. Solar World offers three different module ranges that allow customers to optimise the performance of their photovoltaic installation whether the critical application criteria is power, size, strength, low light performance or aesthetics.