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  • Concorde
    Maintenance-free, valve regulated, sealed lead-acid batteries that are designed for deep cycle and back-up power photovoltaic applications.

  • Deka/MK
    A series of batteries that is designed to offer reliable, maintenance-free back-up power for renewable energy applications where frequent deep cycles are required and minimum maintenance is desirable. We offer flooded, gel valve-regulated, and absorbed valve-regulated technologies to fit all of your solar applications.
  • Leoch
    Leoch AGM VRLA batteries indicate Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries with the following features: Maintenance-free, no water adding required; sealed valve-regulated, spill proof and leak proof; using unilateralism exhaust (safe vent valve) design on the battery cover, when the battery internal pressure have been up to the specifically value, the safe vent valve will open automatically, and will close after the pressure has been discharged, which can prevent the air to enter into battery. 

  • Universal Power Group
    UPG is one of the leading global suppliers and distributors of sealed lead-acid (“SLA”) batteries. They offer one of the largest inventories of SLA batteries in the nation and have the ability to ship within 24 to 48 hours.